Intel CPU Replacement Is Not Going To Happen No Matter How Badly Meltdown And Specter Hit You

By now I am sure that everyone knows about the Meltdown and Specter issues with Intel CPUs but if you are still not on the same page then you can read about it here. While there are impacts of patching this bug there are reports and benchmarks that claim that gaming will not be affected but what about Intel CPU replacement?

If you were wondering, it seems that Intel CPU replacement is never going to happen as their customer support refuses to replace the processors even if users are noticing 20-30% performance degradation. Intel does not have a hardware fix right now and keeping in mind that there are hundreds of thousands of devices that are affected I do not think there is going to be one.

One of the people that asked customer support for Intel CPU Replacement mentioned that as soon as you mention consumer protection laws customer supports changes “won’t replace it” to “we need to look into it” and after that take some details from you and do nothing with that information.

Intel has a site that takes you through the FAQs of the Meltdown and Specter bug and one thing to note here is that Intel takes no responsibility for this but. The site states the following:

“Is this a bug in Intel hardware or processor design?”

“No. This is not a bug or a flaw in Intel products.”

Clearly, this is a design flaw and people are pissed. Intel is being taken to court for the same issues and has been charged for deceptive practices, breach of implied warranty, negligence, unfair competition, and unjust enrichment. You can read all about it here.

Let us know if you have had any luck with Intel CPU replacement and whether or not you think Intel should do something here in order to compensate customers. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.