God of War Side Quests Confirmed By Creative Director Cory Barlog

After a dramatic departure from the series iconic hack-n-slash gameplay to more cinematic third-person Naughty Dog style experience, creative director Cory Barlog just confirmed in a brief interview with Game Informer that the new God of War will feature side-quests. Sort of.

When prompted if the new God of War will feature side-quests, Cory has this to say, “Yes, but we won’t be calling them that”. With that being said, the game will remain a mostly linear experience and will not feature an open world. Counter to the trend these days with triple AAA games like Ubisoft’s ‘Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ and Dice’s ‘Stars Wars: Battlefront 2’ increasingly opting for more open, non-linear and online experiences. But the success of linear, narrative games like ‘Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice’ might help buck the trend.

Besides featuring side-quests, creative director Cory also mentioned that the new God of War will feature plenty of puzzles, epic showdowns with Norse Gods, the gore that we’ve become accustomed to with the series and most surprising that a good chunk of the game will take place on a boat, “25 to 30 percent” according to Cory.

The game will also provide an explanation of how exactly the bearded protagonist Kratos ended up on Norse Lands and the transition the from Greek Mythology to Norse Mythology.

We may also end up seeing a different, more emotional side to Kratos that we’re not used to seeing when he’s chopping up and skewing all sorts of mythological creatures. The story is, after all, a father-son story at heart.

However, despite the all the changes and new mechanics, Cory has assured us that it will still feel like the God of War we’re used to. It’s expected to release sometime in the first quarter of 2018 on the PlayStation 4, along with a bunch of other highly anticipated sequels like ‘The Last of Us 2’ and ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’.