5 Reasons Why Fable 4 Makes Total Sense And Should Happen

Fable 4, the game that has made fans beg Microsoft to make, both literally and figuratively, is speculated to be in the making. All thanks to a recent leak by a self-proclaimed leaker – Klobrille who posted on ResetEra forums that he had access to internal systems at Microsoft via an Xbox Live API, giving him a look at upcoming titles from the company.

Among other news related to games in the pipeline or almost out of it, Klobrille referred to a game set in Albion, with the project name Wisdom. Albion is, obviously, the name of the land that Fables is set in. It seems to be a long time coming with the Fables franchise having been put on hold after the famous cancellation of Fables Legends. Let’s hope Fables 4 doesn’t see the same fate and for that very reason, here are 5 reasons why it makes total sense and should happen:

1. Fill The Gap In Xbox Exclusives
2017 wasn’t a great year for high profile Xbox Exclusives and the lackluster collection needs a worthy candidate. Among present exclusives, namely Sea of Thieves and (dodgy) Crackdown 3, an IP like Fables 4 is enough to get everyone excited. Mentioned in the leak were Gears of War 5 and Halo 6 as well but those aren’t at the same level of enthusiasm building as Fables 4.

2. Has A Developer With Famed Titles To Name
According to the past rumours that revolved Fables 4, it was indicated that the studio that had the reigns of Fables 4 was the UK based one and further speculations that include a discovery of a job listing for a Game Designer made it clear that this project is potentially under the wings of the UK-based studio and the developer of Forza Horizon games; Playground Games. Being given the reigns of a traditional third-person sandbox that is Fables 4 may seem like a big sidetrack but Forza Horizon 3 had some great RPG elements and a giant open world to race in. Furthermore, such shifts have proved to be greatly successful in the past with Guerilla’s Horizon: Zero Dawn.

3. Time To Get Back on Track
Fables franchise has seen some dark times after its peak with Fables 2. Fables 3 was a disappointment that leads to the franchise being shaped as a Kinect shooter or a MOBA title with Fables Legends. It’s time to get back on track with Fables 4 and bring back the game’s dark edge as well as the oh-so-cherished sense of humor because if anything, the funny dialogues are the best bit.

4. Better Gameplay Mechanics
Fables 4 had simplistic fighting and roleplaying that wasn’t exceptionally good. Given the new developers have some of the most reviewed titles of Microsoft then the idea of a smoother and more sophisticated gameplay mechanic being introduced to Fables 4 is a definite plus and if anything, an expectation that makes total sense for Fables 4.

5. Big E3 Reveal
Although Microsoft has yet to confirm the existence of Fables 4 and if all goes well, then it can be the showstopping E3 reveal for Microsoft. Something intensely needed, as far as we think, since Crackdown seems to be, well, cracked and Sea of Thieves is just fine.

As mentioned before, these are all notions and a result of top-notch scrutiny, so even though we encourage you to expect Fables 4 to be announced in future but do keep a mound of salt ready nearby in case Microsoft decides to put out our fires.