Halo 6 To Feature A PUBG Like Battle Royale Mode?

With the launch of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Battle Royale genre has become very popular among gamers and other games like Fortnite has featured Battle Royale mode and it seems that Microsoft is going to feature a Battle Royale mode in one of its biggest franchise which could be the upcoming Halo 6 if the rumor is to be believed.

The rumor comes from a user at Resetera claiming that one of Microsoft’s biggest franchise will feature a higher number of player count which makes us wonder if Microsoft is going to feature a Battle Royale mode in the game since it has been very popular.

While the rumor doesn’t say specifically that Halo 6 will feature it but Halo 6 is the ideal candidate to feature the Battle Royale mode. However, given that it is just a rumor, take it as a grain of salt.

With that being said, it would be interesting to see a Battle Royale mode in Halo 6 or Gears Of War even though PUBG is already available on Xbox One.

In related news, Halo franchise is among the most popular exclusive franchises for Xbox but, according to FPS control designer at Bungie, Jaime Griesemer, Microsoft hated the name Halo for its mega FPS franchise.

He added that Microsoft had so many reasons to change the name of Halo franchise and months went on for deciding the name for the game.

Also, is not going to be announced anytime soon but, that does not mean that the studio is not talking about it. According to the studio, Halo 5 was a learning experience for them and promised that these mistakes will not be repeated in Halo 6.

Do you think Microsoft should feature a Battle Royale mode in Halo 6 or in Gears Of War 6? Let us know in the comments.