Destiny 2 Might Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Crimson Days Event

Bungie may be preparing to bring back Crimson Days next month to give players the opportunity to share love and romance with their significant others in Destiny 2.

The return of the seasonal event is based on the discovery of new ornaments by a data miner (via Gamerant) in the lines of code. While the prospect of giving exotic weapons a new unique look does not directly translate into the joyous holiday-themed activity, many of the icons attached to the new ornaments suggest that Cupid is readying his love-filled quiver.

Crimson Days was a time-limited event from the days of the first installment that ran during the week of Valentine’s Day in February. The usage of past tense is because Bungie cancelled the seasonal event last year to give the development team additional time to work on Destiny 2. With the sequel out and running, there is no reason why the event should still be locked away.

Crimson Days brought a new player-versus-player (PvP) playlist called Crimson Doubles that pitted two teams of two against each other. The goal was less about survival and more about sticking together. However, Destiny 2 has moved away from the first installment in this regard and it is difficult to state whether the same mode will be returning in its entirety. Chances are that if Crimson Days is really making a comeback, it will be in a different form.

Hopefully, Bungie will not repeat the same mistake–once again–by placing heavy focus on microtransactions like the Dawning event.