Winners Of The Steam Awards 2017 Announced, Includes Cuphead, The Witcher

Valve has announced the winners of the Steam Awards 2017, the end product of the various games nominated for awards during the Winter Sale that recently ended. Winners include games like Cuphead, The Witcher 3, and more. Cuphead actually won multiple awards, which considering how many units it sold isn’t surprising.

Steam Awards are a recent addition to Steam sales, having been added to the 2016 Winter Sale and revealed at the beginning of 2017. The awards up for grabs this year included the “Choices Matter” award, the “No Apologies” award, the “Mom’s Spaghetti” Award, the “Defies Description” Award, and the “Best Soundtrack” Award.

Cuphead, the 2017 juggernaut game that finally released after years of delays and development, ended up winning two of these awards, in the form of “Best Soundtrack” and “Better Than I Expected.” The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ended up winning the “Choices Matter” award, while “Mom’s Spaghetti” went to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Other games that became winners in the Steam Awards 2017 running included Warframe, which won the “Labor of Love” Award, Rocket League which won the “Suspension of Disbelief”, while Counter Strike: Global Offensive got the “Haunts My Dreams” awards.

Games were entered into the running for awards by Steam users who nominated certain games for awards as the sale went on, with the end result being the game that got nominated for that award the most. While it’s no surprise that many of the nominated games have been released for several years, it’s good that a game like Cuphead, the product of a small team of two indie developers, was able to get not just one, but two awards.

If you want to see what games won the rest of the Steam Awards 2017, DualShockers has the entire award list. While the Steam Winter Sale is over now, all of the games that won these awards are probably worth your money.