Meltdown Bug Results In Class-action Lawsuits Against Intel For Deceptive Practices, Breach Of Implied Warranty And More

Now that we all know about the Meltdown bug it seems that Intel is in some trouble with three class-action lawsuits heading its way. Intel has been accused of deceptive practices, breach of implied warranty, negligence, unfair competition, and unjust enrichment. All three lawsuits are based on the Meltdown bug.

The Meltdown bug can be found in  x86-64 microprocessors since at least 2011. Although it cannot be said that the company knew about the issue since 2011 but it has been reported that chip developers knew about this issue for some time now and have been keeping this information from the public. Now that it is public knowledge shit has hit the fan for Intel.

Complaints have been filed in multiple courts in different states and we will see how things go. We will be keeping you up to date regarding the matter so stay tuned to SegmentNext for more information. You can check out the complaint below:

“The defect renders the Intel x86-64x CPUs unfit for their intended use and purpose. In essence, Intel x86-64x CPU owners are left with the unappealing choice of either purchasing a new processor or computer containing a CPU that does not contain the Defect, or continuing to use a computer with massive security vulnerabilities or one with significant performance degradation.”

The lawsuit is on behalf of the consumers that purchased products from the company in California, Oregon, and Indiana and figure out the damages that need to be paid. While there have been reports that the Meltdown bug patches that have been released slow down CPUs but we have seen little performance degradation when it comes to gaming.

You can learn about the Microsoft Windows patches for the Meltdown bug here. You can also check out the benchmarks of before and after the patch.

Let us know what you think about this lawsuit against Intel.