Jager Shield Glitch Finally Being Fixed for Rainbow Six Siege

It has been several weeks since players in Rainbow Six Siege were forced to deal with a nefarious shield glitch that involves Jager, one of the primary operators that is picked almost every single time. Thankfully, Ubisoft has finally taken notice of the matter right after returning from its vacations.

Jager carries a deployable shield by default that can be placed on top of his weapon by performing certain actions. He can still shoot through the shield in this state, but his opponents cannot. This shield glitch does not actually make Jager immortal but it is still a pretty advantageous position to be in Rainbow Six Siege where mere seconds can decide the fate of a team.

“We have finished validating the potential fix for the Jäger glitch,” Ubisoft wrote on Reddit yesterday. “The fix works, and we are in the process of preparing a build to be deployed next week.”

Unfortunately, the release next week is for just PC. Those on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have to wait until the next scheduled patch to receive the fix. In other words, the wait is going to be for at least a month or more.

“Unfortunately, for our console players, there are aspects outside of our control that prevent us from being able to deploy a patch at this point in the year,” Ubisoft explained.