Best Mei Cosplays From Overwatch That Will Stop You in Your Tracks

Mei, a cheerful scientist on a journey to preserve our environment and ecosystem, is one of the poster childs of Overwatch. Her creativity and ingenuity has led to the invention of a weather-altering device that she can use to freeze terrain or even herself for that matter. While that weapon of sorts may still require more time to replicate in the real world, it is her charm that cosplayers have since then been hoping to reproduce.

Here are the best Mei cosplays that fans have managed so far, spanning across her various in-game skins in Overwatch. The following list is in no specific order but has been compiled based on the detailing and beauty personified. Some of these Mei cosplays are simply astounding, while others have made the cut for obvious reasons.

If you are interested to send your own contributions, simply send us word from the contact page above or comment down below. The same goes to verify any incorrect or, at the time of writing, unavailable credits.

Rendition: Classic Mei
Cosplayer: Henchwench (Facebook)

Rendition: Classic Mei
Cosplayer: Kiyo (Facebook)

Rendition: Classic Mei
Cosplayer: Sasha (Blog)

Rendition: Classic Mei
Cosplayer: Momokun (Facebook)

Rendition: Classic Mei
Cosplayer: Eclair (Twitter)

Rendition: Luna Mei
Cosplayer: Sado (Facebook)

Rendition: Beekeeper Mei
Cosplayer: Elle Norton (Blog)

Rendition: Classic Mei
Cosplayer: ConJurer CJ (Facebook)