Violent Video Games Lowering Your Ability to Feel Sympathy for Others

A new study published in the journal Social Affective and Cognitive Neuroscience has just revealed that playing violent video games have an effect on the brain’s ability to process emotions.

The experiment was conducted on gamers mostly playing first-person shooting games like Call of Duty. The study indicates that these game changes their way of thinking and acting.

The test subjects were divided into two groups; gamers who play frequently and those who do not. Frequent gamers were classified as those who play more than 30 hours per week and the others were those who play less than five hours per week.

They gathered 60 gamers of which 30 were frequent and the rest were not. The infrequent acted as a control group and their average age was between 21 years old.

During the experiment they were given questioners at first, secondly there brain waves were measured by electroencephalography. During the second phase, they were shown pictures of happy and sad faces of others to see their facial expression.

The frequent gamers showed less emotional cognition during that test. This indicated that they were having difficulty processing all that visual information and that their attention span for face stimuli is short.

They were shown happy faces and their brain waves spiked, which indicates that if they were shown aggressive faces there response would be less. the researchers concluded that the frequent users who play more than 30 hours a week are very much exposed to such content that it doesn’t bother them now.

World Health Organization (WHO) declared that gaming addiction will be considered as a mental health disorder. Also says that people who are aware of the negative consequences and still continue to play are suffering from this condition.