Rumor: Former Naughty Dog Dev Shaun Escayg Working On A New Avengers Game

Shaun Escayg, formerly of Naughty Dog and now working for Square Enix, has now been rumored to be working on a new Avengers game developed by Square Enix, which already has a teaser trailer being released for it. Escayg posted a picture of the Avengers logo on his Instagram page.

The possibility of Square Enix making an Avengers game has been news since around a year ago, since Square Enix and Marvel Entertainment agreed to collaborate and let Square Enix develop a series of games based on Marvel superheroes. The Avengers game will be the first one out of many.

While there hasn’t been any confirmation that Shaun Escayg is actually going to be working as Creative Director on the Avengers game, the post that he made on Twitter might be a subtle confirmation before Square Enix or someone else actually confirms it.

Eidos Montreal, the same studio behind Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, is also apparently going to be working on the game. However, like Escayg’s involvement, we have no idea of whether that’s true or not. We also know very little about the actual Avengers game.

There haven’t been very many Marvel games, especially after the various licensed games based on Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America did poorly when they were released. Square Enix and Ubisoft Montreal might be working on the best chance we have at getting another good superhero game.

Not to mention, the timing for the announcement couldn’t be more perfect: with the third Avengers movie, Infinity War, slated to come out this year in early May, hopefully, Marvel will follow it up by announcing when the Avengers game will actually be releasing.

Considering the reputation that Uncharted has, hopefully, Shaun Escayg working on it will bring it up to that game’s same standards, especially with two high-profile studios also working on it.