PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert Map Miramar Guide – Where to Land, PUBG Strategy, High-Loot Areas

The new PUBG Desert Map called Miramar is out, and boy is it a lot of fun! The dynamics of the Battle Royale have been completely shifted due to the fact that this PUBG new map is a mostly barren desert where height can be as important as loot.

This PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert Map Guide will tell you how you can try the map for yourself and how you can excel inside of the map. We will tell you everything from what are the good hiding spots to where you can find good loot and how you can survive in the vast open areas of this PUBG Desert Map.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert Map Guide

Before we head into the actual PUBG Guide, players will know that they cannot decide which map they want to play for themselves. The actual selection of the map is down to RNG and is determined by the game itself. However, you can always leave the other map immediately after joining to only play the new Desert Map.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert Map – 5 Best Spots to Land

When it comes to landing in PUBG new map, there are a lot of places to choose from but not all of them has the same amount of loot – but that should be blindly obvious. However, there are a few places that generally boast the increased amount of loot. In this section of the guide, we have detailed some places that should consider landing on in order to acquire the best possible loot.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds #1

However, it is important to note that these places are generally highly-contested, therefore, be prepared to fight for everything. Try to acquire a weapon as quickly as possible and fight your way through.

Campo Militar
This is like a brother to the Military Island on Erangel. There is a lot of loot for you but you will need to scramble towards it and find a way to stay alive. Either you will be fully prepared for the end of the game by the time you leave this place or you will be dead within a few seconds of jumping down. However, since this time the camp is not an Island, you will be able to get out of it much easier than you could on the other map.

Water Treatment
Since you can vault over stuff, the Water Treatment plant is a good way to get a lot of loot. The plant is located in the mountains of San Martin and has a ton of loot. You will not be able to find many vehicles here, so beware of the fact that your escape from this towering metropolis might be quite slow.


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Desert Map Best Places to Land

This is perhaps one of the best locations for you to drop into. It is in the middle of the map so you can easily get to the safe zone wherever it ends up being. You will also be able to find a lot of loot, especially if you land on top of the boxing arena. A lot of the players seem to overlook this area so it is perfect for dropping into and getting yourself prepped for the late game.

This is the place you spawn into prior to the start of the round. It is on an island on the southwest of the map and it has a lot of loot and vehicles for you to use. Just beware though as it can turn out to be quite a bit of a bloodbath during the early parts of the game.

Hacienda Del Patron
This massive mansion could be the house of your dreams, but for now, it is a place where you will scavenge weapons and fight off the hordes of other players trying to do the same. This is perhaps the single best place to find loot, but also carries the risk that is usually associated with places like these.

PUBG New Map Tips and Tricks

As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of verticality in the PUBG new map. When it comes to playing on the new Desert Map, you will be forced to change your PUBG Strategy. In this section of our PUBG Guide, we have detailed some important Tips and Tricks that should help you embrace the Chicken Dinner meta and secure more wins.

Use the Height

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Desert Map Guide

Using the height to your advantage is very important on this map. You can utilize all of the different elevations to scout the multiple enemies that are sure to be walking around in open areas. Just make sure that you watch your back so as to not get flanked by someone and die. The best way is to ensure that you are in front of a tall mountain from where you will be invisible.

Use the Cover
As you will notice when you play the map, there is little to no cover on the map. Which is why you need to utilize all of the cover available to you. Remember that even running behind a haystack or using obstacles to run away from a shooter can be very crucial during early firefights when no one really has any ammo.

Utilize the Hills
Remember that the PUBG physics system is completely bonkers, and no matter how tall a hill, you will probably be able to climb it. Of course, you want to be aware of your surroundings when you climb the hill so as to ensure that you do not die. However, climbing a hill to see if there are any vehicles or enemies nearby can be incredibly useful during the course of a battle.

As you will know, you can now vault in the game. This opens up new possibilities in both of the maps but more so in Miramar. Try to use this mechanic to surprise as many enemies as you can. All you need to do to the vault is to jump while near a vault-able wall. You can also leap on the awnings over apartments and other buildings.

Embrace the Loneliness
There is a fair amount of cities on the map and all of them are dense with fighting during games. This means that if you are unable to get into a metropolis at the start of the map, it is best if you stick to the remote areas, as those are safe. Some of them even have very good loot that you can find. A simple building might have six different rooms for you to loot, with tons of level 2 and 3 gear.

Understand the Importance of Buildings

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Buildings

Since the desert is open and vicious, there are a plethora of players running around the map just trying to find a building to loot. This means that if you are lucky enough to find a building, then hang on to it for as long as possible as it will give you ample opportunities to shoot players and loot them for gear. You can also use the doors to bait the enemies into a position you want them to be in if they are already inside of a building.

That is all we have for our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert Map Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!