God of War Game Informer Cover Heralds Details About New Game

More details about the new God of War game are incoming as the God of War Game Informer cover has been revealed. The cover will be on the February issue of the magazine, meaning that the entire month, both in the magazine and the website, will be dedicated to God of War.

The God of War game here is a brand new one, still following Kratos but in a completely different setting, focusing on Norse mythology rather than Greek. Decades after destroying Greece and the Greek gods, Kratos has come to Scandanavia in order to atone. Having found a wife and had a son, Kratos must find his redemption while teaching his son everything he knows.

We’ve already seen a good bit of gameplay from the game, with Kratos fighting various enemies, being introduced to various characters, and learning more about Norse mythology. And even with all the videos and stuff we’ve gotten, there’s likely a great deal left for Sony Santa Monica and Game Informer to show us.

For instance, there’s still a ton of unanswered questions left to. Why is Atreus special? Who was his mother? What Norse gods will we encounter? What is the general plot of the game? What other weapons than Kratos’s axe and shield will we see? And what sort of locations will we be going to?

All of that and more will hopefully be addressed in the February issue of Game Informer. While the God of War Game Informer cover is epic, there’s still a lot of information Sony Santa Monica will have for us inside. And, with this being the start of a whole new journey for Kratos, who knows where all we’ll go?

Either way, the new God of War game will be coming out sometime early this year exclusively on the Playstation 4, so if you want to see more information, be on the lookout for the God of War Game Informer cover and the information inside it.