Best Xbox One Exclusives of 2018, Crackdown 3, Ashen, Sea of Thieves and More

With the release of Xbox One X, Microsoft is hoping to get back it’s market share which it lost due to the dismal release of Xbox One. However, the most powerful console alone in the market cannot save the company and they need exclusives on the Xbox platform in 2018.

Following list includes the ones already confirmed however, Phil Spencer has assured that there are more games coming to Xbox platform and PC. We have shortlisted major Xbox One exclusives coming in 2018 so that you can plan your purchases beforehand.

The list, for now, may look Grimm a bit, however, we are hoping that more games will be announced by Microsoft that could be released in the same year.

Xbox One Exclusives of 2018

Crackdown 3
Release Date: Mar. 20, 2018
Xbox One Exclusive: Yes
Crackdown 3 one of most awaited games for Xbox one users. The game will provide free roam world experience. After almost a decade game will be available with destruction, futuristic city, fast cars, crimes and not to mention transforming vehicles.

Cloud-powered destruction will be introduced for the first time. Cloud computing technology will provide far more power than playing the single game on Xbox One. There’s been a lot of improvement implementing the game, tunning up the game performance.

Actor Terry Crews plays the lead role in the trailer who has done many projects in Hollywood. Crackdown 3 will be one of the most awaited games for Xbox One Exclusives and fans are really looking forward to this one.

Release Date: April. 30, 2018
Xbox One Exclusive: Yes, also on Windows 10
At E3 2015, Ashen made its first appearance after then thing have been quite. Dark soul inspired game where everything tries to kill you. A deadly world with full of creatures and monster roaming around.

Ashen a world where survival is hard, players need to work hard to seek a home and build a society. Ashen was one of the most eye-catching games on E3 of 2017. I have high hopes for Ashen and on release, if you love role playing games this one will be definitely on your mind for Xbox One Exclusives.

Release Date:Not mentioned 2018
Xbox One Exclusive: Yes, also on Windows 10
Below is an adventure game where a tiny man explores the depth of island. The game is about exploring new areas and find rare and epic loot. A rogue-like gameplay with a Zelda like gameplay.

Below was dated 2016 but the developer wanted to work more on the game’s system before making an official release date. If you are ready to explore in a roguelike gameplay this one will be your pick for Xbox One Exclusives.

Sea of Thieves
Release Date:20 March 2018
Xbox One Exclusive: Yes, also on Windows 10
Sea Of thieves will be making its way to its users on 20 March 2018. sea of thieves is a user-generated content which will make the game more interesting. The game is a mostly multiplayer pirate adventure which was well appreciated back in 2016 and people really enjoyed it back then.

Sea of thieves seems like a must play the game where you can free roam as a solo or in a group. On release, the game will be receiving a continuous update for the user and making the game more competitive.

State of Decay 2
Release Date:20 March 2018
Xbox One Exclusive: Yes, also on Windows 10
State of Decay was successful back in 2013, State of Decay 2 is the sequel to the first release. State of decay 2 plays around making base building, gathering resources and managing those resources is the real task. Unreal Engine 4 is been used to develop the game.

State of Decay 2 features four players to slaughter hordes advancing towards the base and will land in 2018. Building, gathering, managing, and slaughtering is your thing then be ready to experience this epic gameplay on Xbox One.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Release Date:Not available
Xbox One Exclusive: Yes, also on Windows 10
Moon studies with the success of Ori and the Blind Forest announced the release of Ori and the Will of the Wisps on E3 2017. Ori and The Blind Forest was a majestic game with breathtaking views and eye-catching gorges artwork made the game a success.

Players work their way to save the forest from destruction, full of new areas to explore. Hopefully, Ori and the Will of the Wisps will follow the same trend. The game will be given the players new abilities, skill upgrades to explore the game world. “Ori and the Will of the Wisps” is also one of the most awaited games on Xbox One Exclusives.

Deep Rock Galactic
Release Date:Not available
Xbox One Exclusive: Yes, also on Windows 10, Steam Machine
Deep Rock Galactic is a first-person shooting game co-operation sci-fi shooter up to 4 players. Deep Rock Galactic is spaceship adventure were players will explore though huge their way into a cave to find valuable items that can be sold or crafted to make new items.

The players will be controlling elite merchants which are called “Dwarves”. The game will be based on the role of players they choose from and every role plays it’s own specific task to achieve the loot. Another exploring game with danger, caves and shooting all around this game is must play for Xbox One Exclusives.

PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds(PUBG)
Release Date:12 December
Xbox One Exclusive: Yes, also on Windows 10
PlayerUnknown Battle Ground is a battle royal survival game where players drop on the map and equip themselves with arms and kill other players to get “Chicken Dinner”. Pubg was one of the biggest hits for 2017 on the pc.

Players faced a lot of issues but that didn’t stop them from becoming the biggest hit. Pubg brings a thrilling concept where 99 players drop from a plane and fight or crawl their way to top 30, their game becomes more challenging and heartbeat starts to pump.

Players who keep their aim steady and make better decision end up winning the game. Pubg will be updated with the new Desert Map exclusively on Xbox One.