Yesterday’s PUBG Update Improved Hit Registration

PUBG has just released a PC patch that is allowing gamers from different areas to register easily. Additionally, expelling the bug that was making issues for gamers that were having complaints regarding crashing of the game in the lobby.

As the game is one of the best sellers of 2017 they have to sustain their image by sorting out issues in the game. Last month 1.0 launched for PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC was delivered on Steam and the official Twitter page just gave us the information regarding this new patch which brings further joy to those annoyed by hit registration.

We put it like that because we get the feeling that like so many online games these days, especially the popular ones; the support is going to be nonstop even though it’s out of early access. This newly formed giant isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and who knows what shape it will be in this time next year?

Version 1.0 contains a more refined version of the island map Erangel, and the new desert map Miramar. There’s at least one more map that we know about on the way, and the future looks assured.

PUBG offers a very simple experience. Jump from a plane, and set out on the way to your objective.

It’s you against the world. Destroy or be killed it’s just that simple. Survival games that are being played, on that same general idea, flew up all over the place, all following the same footsteps of these individuals, the individuals who enjoy battling to remain alive.