Uncharted The Lost Legacy Director Leaves Naughty Dog After Seven Years

Following his work on The Last Of Us: Left Behind, Uncharted 4, and Uncharted The Lost Legacy as creative director and writer, Shaun Escayg has left Naughty Dog. Shaun Escayg announced it through his official Twitter account.

Shaun Escayg worked at Naughty Dod for seven years and has also worked on Mass Effect 2. “Seven years ago I joined the talented team at @Naughty_Dog on a project still in its infancy, The Last Of Us. Well, the rest is history. Left Behind, Uncharted 4 were fleeting and Uncharted The Lost Legacy pushed my creative growth even further- I will miss all my dogs.”

Uncharted The Legacy launched last year with critical acclaim, however, the studio itself has no plans for another Uncharted title. The studio has noted that they are perfectly happy to move away from the Uncharted franchise unless they have a story that feels right.

In the future, if it looks like there’s something that really excites us, great, but we’re perfectly happy to step away from it.

Also, the studio recently revealed that Chloe and Nadine were not always the first choice for The Lost Legacy but they almost featured Sam and Sully.

o be fair when we explored the Sam and Sullivan story grew quickly and grew big quickly, but it just wasn’t as compelling. At Naughty Dog the best story wins and at the time we were exploring a number of different storylines and Chloe’s was the one that we settled on.

While the idea of Sm and Sully didn’t work out but the studio has noted that they might explore their dynamic in a future title.

At one point the studio also considered Cutter instead of Nadine for the game but, Nadine’s character was much more compelling.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy is a third-person action adventure game developed by Naughty Dog exclusively for PlayStation 4.