Mad Catz May Be Returning From Bankruptcy This Year

Mad Catz, once a leading brand in gaming peripherals and hardware, may be on the verge of resurrection after it filed for bankruptcy nearly a year ago.

The notion is based on a recently shared video that is entitled “Back in the Game” and offers a brief glimpse at the reconstruction of a gaming mouse, keyboard, and headset. There is no mention of Mad Catz anywhere in the short clip. However, it was shared by Little Big PR, the co-founder of which–Alex Verrey–was the global communications director at Mad Catz until the company started undergoing layoffs a couple of years back.

The evidence to support the return of Mad Catz is pretty bleak at this point. However, Kotaku believes that an official announcement is going to take place tomorrow, just a few days before Consumers Electronics Show (CES 2018) on January 9.

If the report is legitimate, Mad Catz could confirm its return this week before presenting its lineup of new gaming peripherals and hardware at the show-floor of the annual technological convention.

Mad Catz formed a special committee in 2016 to “explore and evaluate strategic alternatives” for bettering its financials. Various options were considered such as taking further loans from the bank and selling itself to a third-party company. However, none were marked as viable by its financial advisers. This led to the company finally filing for bankruptcy at the end of the first quarter last year.

Mad Catz was best known in the fighting game community for its arcade sticks. If it is indeed coming back from the dead, there are likely going to be a few surprises for Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition.