Hi-Rez Studios Reportedly Owes More Than $250,000 to Several Paladins Esports Teams

Hi-Rez Studios is being accused of withholding payment from several esports organizations that was earned from attending third-party tournaments for Paladins: Champions of the Realm. It is a serious charge that has remained the bane of competitive gaming, but one that holds great significance when a prominent developer is concerned.

Patrick “sleeppyy” Ratzow, former captain for Mousesports, took to Reddit this week to vent his frustration on the matter. The professional Paladins player noted that he has exhausted all available options and has still not received his dues from the company. He further added that Hi-Rez Studios has stopped replying to his queries, and going public is the last resort.

The financial crisis dates back to as far as mid of last year. It is alleged that the only teams being paid on time are the ones participating in the Paladins Premier League (PPL) since October. It is unknown as to just how many esports organizations are affected, but they are owed more than $250,000 in total payment.

Thanks to the bashing received from the community in the past couple of days, someone from Hi-Rez Studios has made contact with Ratzow and promised to make amends.

A report from TwinGalaxies contains more detail about what most professional players of Paladins have been enduring behind the scenes. In short, it is not good news for the company.

Paladins surpassed 15 million players worldwide back in September. The player-base has likely grown since then.