Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 10 Share Same World But to What Extent?

2017 clearly wasn’t the year where Final Fantasy would get some of the spotlights in the gaming industry, however, things might change in 2018 with the release of Final Fantasy 7 remake. 2018 seems to be the year that we get some answers about it, especially its release date. For now, we shall be contented with some exposition given by current producer of the remake of Final Fantasy 7, Yoshinori Kitase who revealed that FF 7 and FF 10 take place in the same world.

During a truth-or-false game with EDAMAME Arcade Channel, Kitase was able to give some answers to questions regarding FF. The impact may be little but the hype for the remake is building up. When a question popped up stating if there is a connection between the Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 10 universes, Kitase answered that its the same world.

The two games might be sharing a world but have very little similarities. According to Kitase, the small indication that they share a universe is the character Shinra in Final Fantasy 10, who might have something to do with Shinra Industries in FF 10. As he stated, this information is shared by the Final Fantasy 7 scriptwriter so we must wait and see what role he plays in the remake.

If you don’t remember him, as the FF Wiki suggests, “Shinra was a young Al Bhed boy who served aboard the Celsius in FF X-2. A technical prodigy, he designed the Garment Grid system and the CommSphere communicators, he also helped decode the various spheres the Gullwings located”.

A sad fact is that Kitase revealed that FF won’t go back to its turn-based style. Sad but true, the creators seem to have left the old franchise back and wants to continue pleasing fans with a more fast-paced fight system like the one we saw in Final Fantasy 15.

Are you excited about the FF 7 remake? Do you think that this title will stand up to its predecessor despite the fact that FF won’t be a turn-based title anymore?