Attack On Titan Mobile Game Is In Production From Tencent

An Attack on Titan mobile game is apparently in production from Tencent, but will apparently only be available in China and Korea, with no plans to bring it to the West. The game takes place during the first season of the anime and players will take control of the show’s characters.

Attack on Titan tells the story of humanity under siege from giant monsters known as Titans, who besiege their walled city and are opposed by the men and women of the Survey Corps, who use swords and 3D Maneuver Gear to fight them.

The show experienced a meteoric rise in popularity ever since it began, with at least two (now three) official games being made for it. The show’s second season ended back in June, and throughout it we saw a number of different reveals, such as the identities of the three Titans that destroyed the protagonist’s home town in the first episode, and more.

While the anime has yet to catch up to the manga, the franchise is still popular enough that games are sure to be popular, even if fans in China and Korea already know what happens. Apparently, the gameplay for the Attack on Titan mobile game will make use of a first-person perspective and quicktime events in order to play, rather than the normal Attack on Titan approach of targeting weak points to damage the Titans before finishing them off.

Either way, whether the game is good or not, Western players still have the option to play the other official Attack on Titan game for Playstation and Xbox consoles, and PC. While there’s no indication when or if the Attack on Titan mobile game will ever come to the West, the version that we already have will hopefully be enough for you already.

You can see the “trailer” for the mobile game further up the article.