“Very Awesome, Very Needed” Overwatch Hero Already in Testing

The next hero for Overwatch is already undergoing internal testing, Blizzard has confirmed. This will be the twenty-seventh addition to the playable roster, and is apparently providing great fun for the development team. This would suggest that the community may not have to wait long before the hero graces the Public Test Region (PTR) in the coming months.

In a new developer update, game director Jeff Kaplan described the new hero as “very awesome” and “very needed” for the game. The indication was perhaps toward the intended role in a composition, which leaves the fans to openly speculate on what the community has been asking for in the past few months.

Blizzard released three heroes last year: Orisa (Tank), Doomfist (Offense), and Moira (Support). Looking over the current roster, there is already an abundance of offensive heroes. Also, considering that the last release excelled in supporting teammates, it is possible that the new hero will be from either the defensive or tanking category.

2018 will bring a lot of content for the game. Kaplan promised three more heroes, improvements to existing heroes, new maps and modes, new cinematics, and several new events.

Since everyone is back from their wintery vacations, we would like to remind that Overwatch League will officially commence with its inaugural season on January 10 next week. Those interested to attend in person can purchase tickets for the first stage of matches, which might possibly be sold out at this late point.