Patch Notes for Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition Coming “Soon”

The fighting game community will not have to wait any longer for Capcom to announce the official patch notes for the much-anticipated Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition.

Posting on Twitter earlier today, the developer promised that they “will be posted soon”. The given time frame could either mean later today, later this week, or on the weekend. Considering that Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition is scheduled to arrive in less than two weeks, the larger likelihood is for the patch notes to be released by the weekend.

There is much excitement for the third season of the game, starting with the new lineup of six downloadable characters that were given a mighty reveal at Capcom Cup 2017 last month. Sakura will be the first to release later this month, followed by Blanka, Falke, Cody, G, and Sagat.

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition will also bring forth the highly-requested Arcade mode, as well as a bunch of other playable modes such as Team Versus that allows you to combine forces against others.

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition is scheduled to release on January 16 for PlayStation 4 and PC at the cost of $39.99. It will be available in both physical and digital forms on the console, but only digitally on PC.

Take note that there is also the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection that is scheduled to release in May. It bundles twelve iconic installments from the series, starting from the very beginning. This includes all releases for Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha, and Street Fighter III.