Overwatch Will Celebrate Lunar New Year With Year of the Dog Event

Following the conclusion of Winter Winterland yesterday, Blizzard has confirmed that the next event for Overwatch will be Year of the Dog to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

The occasion marks the start of the Chinese lunar calendar in February. Hence, the community can expect the accompanying event to commence around the same time.

Last year, Year of the Rooster took place at the end of January and featured more than a hundred cosmetic items. This included six Legendary skins such as Wukong (Winston), Luna (Mei), Bajie (Roadhog), and Palanquin (D.Va), among others. The community can expect the same amount of fireworks from Blizzard this year as well.

In a new developer update earlier today, game director Jeff Kaplan also confirmed that the lore-based Overwatch Uprising event will return for a second year around April. This means that the original cooperative brawl mode will be made available once again, perhaps with a few new additions to reflect on other branches from the storyline.

The seasonal events are not the only attraction this year for the game. The next hero is already being internally tested and should be revealed in the coming months.

Since everyone is back from their wintery vacations, we would like to remind that Overwatch League will officially commence with its inaugural season on January 10 next week. Those interested to attend in person can purchase tickets for the first stage of matches, which might possibly be sold out at this late point.