Next Death Stranding Trailer May Reveal Female Ludans, Release Date May Also Be Closer

Death Stranding is one of the great mysteries of Hideo Kojima. No one knows What Death Stranding is about, when it is releasing, and which characters are we going to see? We are currently playing Hideo Kojima’s “find the hints” mind fu** marketing games for Death Stranding.

The next piece of the puzzle might be hidden inside the new year’s greetings card shared by Kojima Productions. The greetings card features a Female Ludan and if we know even a little bit about how Hideo Kojima reveals his stuff, this might actually be a hint.

This is the first time we have seen a Female Ludan and there have been rumors that the next Death Stranding trailer may actually reveal the female lead for the game. Many speculate that it is Stefanie Joosten from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. But the Dutch model has sidestepped the questions about her involvement in the project.

As you can see, the card might actually be a hint for players that Female Ludens may appear in the next trailer. The footage is expected to be shown at E3 2018 along with a release date for the game. According to Hideo Kojima, Sony is very impressive with the development pace of the game.

He mentioned that Sony has never seen a game being developed at such a fast pace. His statement led to speculation that the next Death Stranding trailer may contain a release date. In fact, Hideo Kojima himself mentioned something about a surprise for fans, a release date? We will find out soon.