Need For Speed: Payback Gets Online Free Roam Mode, Available For All Players

There’s not much to be said about Need for Speed: Payback, at least not for now. Even though its single-player mode is relatively lengthy and its online features as competent as its predecessors, it lacked one main feature that we all loved in previous Need for Speed titles: the free roam. Now EA and Ghost Games announce that an online free roam mode will be available within the year, which will be free for all players to obtain.

The free roam mode was highly requested by players since Need for Speed: Payback launched and is one that cannot be overlooked. You may have the opportunity to free roam while you are in a lobby but the atmosphere that games like the Need for Speed Underground titles have created cannot be replaced. The announcement came from Twitter where EA and Ghost Games revealed that the mode will be available sometime in 2018 and will be free for everyone.

Since the beginning, Need for Speed has gone through a ton of changes for it to be what we see today. Need for Speed: Payback has taken the franchise one step further with the use of “action driving” and driving cinematics just as its 2015 addition had live-action cinematics. Now it’s time for the game to get that old school mode we all loved when we got bored by competing and upgrading cars.

Last month, EA has released a Need for Speed: Payback update that adds new features, makes changes, and adds paid content. Need for Speed: Payback gameplay saw minor improvements and additions as the paid content remains the highlight for the new Payback update. Two new cars have also been added which are the Mini John Cooper Countryman and the Infiniti Q60 S.

Need for Speed: Payback is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.