AMD Adrenaline Will Support DirectX 9 Games, Fix Being Worked On Right Now

AMD Adrenaline drivers have been out for some time now but it seems that DirectX 9 games are not running with the new drivers while there are people claiming that AMD is no longer supporting older games it seems that is not the case. While AMD Adrenaline drivers are great for modern games it seems a little work is needed in order to run older titles.

There seems to be an issue when running games like C & C3 Tiberium Wars, C & C3 Kane’s Wrath, C & C Red Alert 3, C & C Red Alert 3, C & C4 Tiberian Twilight, Battle for Middle-earth 1 and 2, The Witcher 1 Enhanced Edition, Mini ninja. According to users, these games do not work with AMD Adrenaline drivers. The following was the initial response from AMD:

This title is from 2007, so we are unlikely to devote any valuable engineering resources to this issue, which is most likely caused by outdated API modules.

Reading this initial statement you can imagine why people took this in a negative sense but since then Terry Makedon Director of AMD software strategy and user experience has made it clear that a fx is being worked on right now and will be introduced in the new update. The following is what he had to say:

Happy 2018 everyone!! I am seeing some stories pop up about AMD not supporting some old games. That is absolutely not true, we are identifying the bug and working on a fix asap. C&C, Witcher, BfME, etc will be working again.

These older games are gems and people still play them, which is why people are taking offense but rest assured that a fix is headed your way. Sit tight, it should not take too long now. We will keep you updated regarding the situation so stay tuned. Also, check out the PC hardware coming out in 2018.

Are you encountering the same issues with the new AMD Adrenaline drivers and older DirectX 9 games?