PUBG New Miramar Desert Map Review: What Does It Have To Offer?

With PUBG version 1.0 out now, you can play the new PUBG Miramar desert map. Even though you could find this map on the test servers, it was a bit frustrating dealing with all the crashes and what not. Now that PUBG version 1.0 is out everyone can play on the new map. There are a couple of new things, things that we love and hate and here we are going to talk about all that.

This is the new desert map so the differences are pretty obvious from the get-go. The terrain is pretty dry beside the small portion of the map that has water on it. The regular map that you must be used to by now had plenty of greenery and with version 1.0 out, more foliage and trees have been added to make it much more immersive as compared to before.

With the new PUBG Miramar desert map, you will need to adapt and change your playstyle to some extent. The map is more vertical and you will soon realize that having the higher ground will give you a significant advantage. Settlements on this map are pretty far apart and you do not have much cover when moving from one settlement to another.

PUBG New Miramar Desert Map Review

Besides the obvious, because there is little to no greenery in this map, it is easier to spot and kill people that are on the move. Having that said there are new vehicles on this map that will allow you to tackle the new surroundings and make it a bit easier to survive but in my experience, the new map is much harder than the regular one, but then again we all are used to the older map by now.

On the new PUBG Miramar desert map, there will be times when you need to go offroad and the vehicles on this map are designed to help you with that but due to the rough terrain you will soon learn that the vehicles use more fuel than ever and that fuel cans are more useful on this map as compared to the older one.

Recommended Places To Land On The New PUBG Miramar Desert Map

While not entering major cities when landing might seem like the way to go, you might want to stay closer to the roads as that is where you can find vehicles early game and that can help you get to the circle faster, no matter where it is. Some places that I can recommend are the water treatment plant, the mines and the graveyard. Here there will be little to no competition and you will find decent loot early game.

While positioning has always been key in PUBG you will find it harder to survive on the new map if you do not have your plan sorted out well in advance. You need to be a step ahead of the game in order to make it through. I for one have had a rough time getting through with the new map before I got my first chicken dinner but it was all worth it.

While on the older map you could take shots at moving vehicles in order to try and kill one of the people inside but on the desert map it would be better if you did not fire at all and conserve ammo for times when you will really need it. Unless you have a really good shot, I recommend that you refrain from firing into the distance.

Bandages will also play an important role on this map as resources are scarce and scattered across the map, unlike the first map that we were introduced to. The new map is getting a lot of heat lately and you can notice people leaving as soon as they realize they have been loaded into the Miramar Desert Map. It is more than likely that people are just used to the older map.

Give it time and it will grow on you. That is what I can tell you for now. The map is different and it pushes you to adapt which is the whole point of battle royale and PUBG. You can check out the cheating problem in the game and what Shroud thinks should be done in order to restrict hackers. Amongst the other issues, death from falling is a big one.

Let us know what you think about the new Miramar Desert Map and whether or not you have been able to get a chicken dinner yet.