Nintendo Switch Hacked – Homebrew Games and Pirated Software on the Way?

Nintendo Switch has been the biggest console of the year, and by far the most yearned after gift for children, teens and adults alike. However, surprising new developments have emerged which may make the console far more accessible than the developers ever intended it to be.

According to a recent conference held in Germany, hackers were finally able to surpass the protections put on the Nintendo Switch. This is not really surprising, as hackers have successfully penetrated most consoles throughout the history of the industry. As for the Nintendo Switch, the hackers used the Nvidia Tegra chip to get to the root of the console.

The protocols used by Nvidia’s own engineers to access the primary functions of the chipset were used by the team of hackers and are now available to the public.

If you would like to explore the functionality that the hack provides you, you need to ensure that your firmware stays at version 3.0. So keep your console offline and get the Pokken Tournament DX to install the version of the aforementioned firmware. This way you will be able to use the homebrew launcher when it is released by the hackers.

Of course, we need to remind you that there will be dangers when you try to hack into anything. Not only will it void your warranty, but also leave you vulnerable to any sort of Trojan, malware, or spyware that may come with the homebrew software. Lastly, a single wrong move may brick your console and leave you without anything to play Mario on.