Video Games Releasing in January 2018 – PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

It might be a brand new year, but the world of gaming will still relentlessly push out new titles for the public to enjoy. We will take a look at all of the game that are releasing in the first month of the new year and tell you a little bit about them so that you can see whether a title excites you or not.

In this article, we have detailed all the Video Games Releasing in January 2018 for all the platforms including PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

The Escapists 2 – January 11
The premise of the game will stay the same for the most part of the previous iteration of the game. You have to break out of a prison. However, this is a release for the Nintendo Switch so that users of the new console can fully enjoy the experience of living in a nightmarish prison.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition – January 16
This is a rerelease of the game, but it has a brand new UI and an Arcade Mode along with many new characters that were not available in the original game. This might not be worth for those who already have the original game, but a good way for new players to enter the franchise.

Gintama Rumble – January 18
It is a hack n slash video game created by the legendary developers of Bandai Namco. For those who have read the anime that it is being adapted from, it will surely be a worthwhile experience.

World to the West – January 18
Like the Escapists 2, this is a game that has already been released but is being ported over to the Nintendo Switch. World to the West is a follow up to Teslagrad and has a similar top-down action adventure feel.

Death Mark – January 19
Switch definitely does lack in the horror department, and Death Mark is going to be perfect to fill in the gap. The game is made for PS 4 along with the Switch and will excite fans of the horror adventure genre due to its unique nature and story.

Kirby Battle Royale
This is a part of the Kirby franchise and will try to bring the experience of PUBG to the 3DS. I mean, if a concept works then why try something new, right? I am just kidding though, the developers have an innovative approach which is surely worth a play through if the details released are accurate.

Lost Sphere – January 23
Releasing on the PC, PS4 and the Xbox One, Lost Sphere tries to imitate the classic RPG Chrono Trigger. The game will probably worth the price for fans of classic Final Fantasy and other Japanese RPGs.

Dragon Ball FighterZ – January 26
Another game releasing on all of the major platforms, it will try to fit into the whole fighting genre by tempting the fans of the anime. It will be interesting to see how the abilities of all of the different characters are utilized and how the 2.5D gameplay works out.

Monster Hunter: World – January 26
Perhaps the most awaited release of the month, Monster Hunter World allows for four-player co-op, massive worlds for you to play in and breathtaking graphics to go along with it. The first iteration of the series since the Wii version is definitely going to make the fans of the series shriek with excitement.

Railway Empire – January 26
As the name suggests, this game tasks you with building your very own Railway Network. The concept seems incredibly boring to me, but if Euro Truck Simulator can have such a dedicated fanbase, then I am sure this game will also be a massive hit.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – January 30
This probably needs no introduction, Almost everyone has played Final Fantasy at one point in their lives. It is an RPG with a storyline so good that it started a cult following which lasts decades after the first edition.

Those are all of the games that are Video Games Releasing in January 2018. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below and remember to tell us which game are you most excited for!