3 Reasons We Are Really Excited For Battalion 1944

There was a lot of flak for Battalion 1944 after its first couple of alpha test runs. A lot of the people seemed to believe that they were going to get a real-world war 2 shooter, failing to understand the true intention behind the creation of the game and the ideals that the developers wanted to move toward as the development of the game ensued.

Despite the few complaints that the game received for not being real enough, there is still a massive community behind it and everyone eagerly awaits the game to enter its BETA phase which will have the early access module, with a potential BETA release date being within the first half of 2018.

We here at Segment Next are also really excited for the release of the game, and now we are going to give you three of the best reasons why you should be excited for the release of the game as well.

Moving Back to The Roots

We are at a stage in the gaming industry where every single developer is trying to innovate and come up with the next big thing. There have been many failures such as the COD series which has failed to grasp the concept of its own franchise and tried to branch out into space, alienating a lot of the fanbase in the process.

There were also a few success stories with games like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, which took an idea and executed it better than anyone had ever done before.

During this torrid time, there have been a few attempts to move back to the roots of the gaming scene, the time when AAA games actually exploded onto the mainstream in the west. COD WW2 tried to do so by taking the game back to a setting which they had made their name in but failed to understand that it was the simplicity that made their series stand out.

Instead of being the game that reenergized the series, COD WW2 ended up being just a shell of what it could have become, having been ruined by a plethora of perks and numerous stats for players to upgrade over their multiplayer experience.

The concept behind Battalion is quite simple. It wants to recreate a classic shooter, something which players of COD 2 or COD 4 Promod can easily pick up and be proficient in. Even though the game uses the Unreal engine as opposed to the Quake one, it has tried to do everything just like it was in the golden days by including all of the mechanics such as strafe jumping, leaning and quick switching.

The game will try to be as competitive as it can and not include anything from the classic shooters which annoyed the e-sport side of the community. The entire experience can be summarized by the fact that the game will have all of the positives of Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4 and will shun all of the negatives.

The aforementioned games had quite a cult following, with thousands of people still playing COD 4 Promod every evening. Perhaps Battalion will reignite the spark of those who had moved onto other games and unite the entire scene under a single game, like what CS: GO did with 1.6 and Source.

Valuing Community Feedback

This could be perhaps the greatest plus point of Battalion. The developers of the game are not industry veterans who come in to strut their egos and think of themselves as the be all, end all. They are just gamers, who are looking to recreate what made their teenage so much better and more enjoyable.

Not only are the developers in contact with numerous professional players from the golden eras of the games, they also have a very active community forum where the feedback carries actual value and has an impact on the future development of the game.

The BETA will be used to perhaps balance the competitive mode of the game, as the alpha was used to ensure that the weapons are not overpowered or there is not a mechanic that can be excessively abused.

Nowadays, it is rarely ever the case that developers are so open to the word of their player base. A rare example of this can be seen in the reboot of Unreal Tournament, but very few other games spring to mind.

Especially ones which have such an enormous expectation of them. Battalion seems like a welcome change in a day and age where pay to win is the norm and the opinion of the community seems to carry little weight on any game.

Innovation and Expansion

The developers might be trying to recapture the feel of the classic shooters, with their slick and smooth movement along with the satisfying gun mechanics, but they also understand the times have changed, and thus the game also needs to have something to cater to the newer demographic.

One of the biggest changes to the industry since the demise of the classic shooters has been the advent of matchmaking, which pits players against one another based on their skill level. Battalion will have a fully-fledged matchmaking system and will have multiple anti cheats to ensure that the cheaters in the game stay to a minimum.

Another massive change in the game is the economic system, which does not function like the Counter-Strike System but rather as a new system, which rewards teams for employing a comprehensive strategy and for thinking ahead.

Very few details are available on this new system, apart from the fact that it will have an impact on the amount of utility available to the team, but it is still great to see that the development team is so intent on creating an old classic with a fresh coat of paint.

Battalion 1944 will be releasing its official trailer in January of 2018, with an announcement of the BETA soon after (hopefully).

We here at SegmentNext will be closely following the development of the game and will be updating you on any news that comes forth. Let us know what you think of the game and whether it will be a viable competitor to the FPS industry giants like Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six: Siege using the comments section below!