Hidden Farming Cap Discovered for Glimmer in Destiny 2

The community has discovered yet another hidden farming cap in Destiny 2. This one deals with the amount of Glimmer that can be earned in a short period of time.

Posting on Reddit, user “NoctisNoctua” pointed out that four tests were conducted to prove the claim. Three were done in the European Dead Zone (EDZ) and one on Titan. They all produced the same results.

After around 400 Glimmer has been earned in the game, the currency completely stops dropping until the player refrains from killing any enemy for a while. In addition, the duration of the break affects the maximum amount of Glimmer earned afterwards. If the break was just for a moment, such as twenty seconds, the next farming cap for the currency is even smaller and stops right about the 200 mark.

In one particular instance, after I stopped gaining glimmer, I must have killed at least 60 enemies who didn’t drop any glimmer at all. I was at 6000 glimmer, gained about 280 before they stopped, and then proceeded to kill enemies for several minutes after that. When I finally stopped and checked my inventory, I was at 6280 glimmer.

Interestingly, some players have pointed out that the first Destiny also featured a farming cap on the amount of Glimmer earned. This likely carried forward into the second installment and is possibly a failsafe from Bungie to dissuade players from using exploits to earn large amounts of the currency in relatively short periods.

Glimmer can be used to purchase a variety of things such as weapons, ships, mods, and shaders. They drop from slain enemies, pushing players to find farming spots that are filled with large hordes of easy targets in a small area.

The discovery of the farming cap on Glimmer comes not long after Bungie admitted that it had limited the amount of experience points (XP) gained in Destiny 2.