CEMU Update Enables Multi-Threaded CPU Support, Update 1.11.3 Now Available for Patreon Subscribers

The highly acclaimed Wii U emulator known as CEMU has made waves in the gaming community due to its amazing optimization and extensive game support. The development of the emulator is still in full swing and this can be seen through the new version that was released by the development team earlier today.

The brand-new version of CEMU, version 1.11.3 finally adds support for multi-threaded processors so as to enable further optimization of the games and to increase the general performance of the emulator. This will directly impact the performance of new CPUs which have multiple cores.

This can be seen through a video on YouTube which is showcasing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild playing on 4K at 60 FPS in the new update.

Apart from this, there have been a few other changes that may be beneficial to the users who were running into frame rate issues on the previous versions of the emulator. Another massive change introduced with this update is the fact that the software now adds a cache drawcall index data in between the frames if the buffer cache accuracy of the GPU is set to low. A lot of smaller optimizations are also a part of the package along with a brand new graphics pack texture rule option and a task setting API.

As is the norm with all of the CEMU updates released by the development team, the update is now available to all of the Patreon subscribers who supported the development of the package. Fear not though, as the update will be available to the general public sometime next week.