PUBG 1.0 Nerfs and Buffs Your Favorite Weapons

After the successful run in early access and amazing response from the test servers, PUBGs has been officially launched on PC.

Update 1.0 has brought many changes to the game introducing some of the major changes. Players will see new Vehicles, Weapons, Client Optimization, Server Optimization, weapon changes, weapon nerfs/buffs and much more. Update 1.0 has brought many changes, which are all detailed in the following details.

Client Optimization will help in reducing the memory usage, reducing the lag issues when multiple players are present, Improved character animations, decreased terrain loading time.

5 new weapons have been introduced to the update. Starting DP-28 which will be spawned in the map, using 7.62mm magazine, highly long range effective gun.

Aug A3. Aug A3 can only be looted from care packages. It uses 5.56mm magazine with high fire rate and low recoil.
R45. R45 will be spawned on the map, using .45 ammo with high accuracy and faster reload speed.

Spawned in the map Win94 uses .45 ammo. Players with good aim are highly effective with this weapon.

Sawed-off. Sawed-Off will be spawned all over the map using 12gauge shot and 2 shells can be loaded. Its range is very limited but it can be a highly effective short range.

Van has low mobility and higher Hp in the game. Van is six seater and Miramar (one of the maps) only.

Pickup. Pickup is a four-seater off-road jeep and can only be seen in Miramar only.
Aquarail. Aquarail a two-seater water motor, with high mobility.

Vaulting and climbing have been introduced were players can now jump and leap over obstacles. Hit areas have been changed now and neck is protected by the helmet. SKS and Mini 14 have been nerfed and Kar98 has been buffed.
Players who boot up the game in” the next few weeks” will be able to receive free in-game “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” shirt. Players will be updating the game asap and enjoy the new exciting patch.