Datamining Uncovers The Next Possible Destiny 2 DLC, Takes Us To Another Moon Of Saturn

A datamine of Destiny 2 data might have just uncovered some tidbits about the next Destiny 2 DLC, though like all leaks and supposed leaks it should be taken with a grain of salt. We’ll likely still have around a year, or at least a few months, before we get any news.

According to the datamine, the DLC will be taking us to the sixth moon of Saturn, the moon Enceladus. Not very much of a trip considering that another moon of Saturn, Titan, is already one of the major planets in this entry in the series. While on Enceladus, we’ll apparently be fighting a new enemy faction known as the Heralds of Nezarec, which sounds very Hive-like to me. After the Vex were the main threat in Curse of Osiris, hopefully the other factions get a chance to shine too.

The Hive already took a starring role on Titan, slowly starting to overrun the New Pacific Arcology while fighting the Fallen and the meager Guardian presence there. Beyond that, there have also been hints dropped regularly about the Taken and Hive coming under the rulership of a new god, Savathun, one of Oryx’s siblings from the distant past. While there’s no guarantee that the Heralds of Nezarec are related to the Hive or Savathun, Nezarec has appeared in the game’s lore before.

A Warlock helmet called “Nezarec’s Sin” describes him as the “final god of pain”, with the flavor text saying that he will rise again. But until we learn more about the new Destiny 2 DLC, there’s no indication of what it might be about.

Players will be exploring the Frigid Wastes of Enceladus across ten new story missions and three new strikes, working with Ana Bray and Rasputin in order to destroy two factions that serve Nezarec, the Frames and the Heralds (whoever those are.)

Once again, however, Bungie hasn’t confirmed any Destiny 2 DLC for the future yet, so take the datamine with a grain of salt.