You Can Now Preload Monster Hunter World Open Beta Client

Monster Hunter World beta client is now available to download on PlayStation 4. The second round of the beta is starting on December 22 for all PlayStation 4 users with an internet connection and a PlayStation Network account. According to Capcom, Monster Hunter World open beta is using worldwide matchmaking in order to stress test servers before the final release.

As a hunter, you take quests to hunt monsters in their lairs. By slaying the monster you receive items or ingredients to craft strong weapons and armor to go for the end game.

Monster Hunter World open beta client will be available from December 22 to December 26. PlayStation users do not need a PlayStation Plus membership to access the Monster Hunter beta.

Players who have joined the last test phase of the game and haven’t uninstalled the client and data, don’t have to download anything. The previous client is going to work just fine. Still, if you wish to redownload the client or have deleted it for some reason, you only need over 5GB of data.

Players will be facing three missions on two different maps as it was for the beta.

  • Easy: Hunt the Gran Jagras in the Ancient Forest
  • Normal: Hunt Barroth in the Wild Spiers
  • Difficult: Hunt Anjanath in the Ancient Forest

Monster Hunter World is releasing on PS4 and Xbox One early next year.

Source: Monster Hunter