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Witcher 3 Xbox One X Update: Game Runs At 4K 30 FPS And 60 FPS With Dynamic Resolution

We talked about Witcher 3 Xbox One X Update coming out soon and now that it is here, we are going to look at what the Witcher 3 Xbox One X Update brings to the table. Besides the graphical enhancements, there are two modes in which the game can run in. There is a performance mode for 60 FPS gameplay and a graphics mode for 4K gameplay.

When running the game in graphics mode the Witcher 3 Xbox One X Update allows the game to run at 4K 30 FPS when running the game in performance mode the Witcher 3 Xbox One X Update allows the game to be run at 60 FPS with dynamic resolution.  While according to the patch notes the performance mode allows the game to run between 1920×1080 and 2650×1490.

While that is what the developers would have you think. Looking at things in depth reveals that the game runs at 55-60 FPS and sometimes the FPS drops down to 40 FPS especially in Novigrad. The following is what the developer had to say:

“The Xbox One X upgrade patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt introduces a number of graphical features and tweaks to the game across two visual fidelity options — 4K Mode and Performance Mode.”

While some can argue that the best performance at 4K is on PC but this is a great way to play the game near without buying a PC and if you are interested in playing in the lounge then the Xbox One X is the best option out there for your lounge.  The developer further went on to say that:

“In 4K Mode the game will run in 4K resolution (or supersampled on a non-4K display) with stable 30fps gameplay, whereas Performance Mode enables dynamic resolution scaling (from 1080p up to 4K) while targeting 60 fps during gameplay. Both modes support HDR.”

I know that this is a pretty old game but if you just got the Xbox One X and already own The Witcher 3 then be sure to check out the Witcher 3 Xbox One X Update.