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They are Billions Housing Guide – Tents, Cottage, Stone Houses, Housing Tips

In this They are Billions Housing Guide, we will guide you on different types of housing structures where your survivors which include workers and colonists can live. They are Billions is a survival strategy game where you will build, secure and survive huge colonies of survivors against the forces of infected.

When you build these colonies, you will need a place for all the survivors that are living in your colony.

You will need special housing structures for them to stay so that they can increase the status of your colony as well as provide you with enough workers so that your production structures can function properly. You have two type of survivors, colonists, and workers.

Colonists do not do any activity but they are essential for the expansion of your colony. Some structures require a specific number of colonists before you can build them. Workers take care of all your production and defensive needs.

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Colonists and Workers Housing – They are Billions Housing

Our They are Billions Housing Guide lists all such structures that you will need for you colonists and workers. They are also the source of gold income for your colony. After reading this They are Billions Housing Guide, you will easily know how you can expand your colony and build any of these housing structures easily.

Below you find detailed information about these structures such as how much they cost and how many colonists each structure can house. They are Billions Housing Guide details everything that you need to know about housing your workers and colonists.


Tents are the first housing spaces that you will build for your colonists. They have very little health of just 60 HP and defenses life of 15. Each tent will provide space for 8 Colonist and will generate 8 Gold for your income.

One tent will also give you 2 Workers. However, each tent will need 4 Food and 1 Power. To construct a tent, you will need 4 food, 1 Energy, and 30 Gold. This is an early game housing option so you should focus on food during early-game so that you can afford to build more tents to expand quickly.


Cottages are bigger than tents as each Cottage will accommodate eight Colonists. It features 200 Health Points and 50 Defenses Life. It will give you 18 Gold income and will provide you with four workers.

You will also need to spare 8 Food and 3 Power for each Cottage. Each Cottage requires 8 Food, 3 Energy, 12 Wood and 120 Gold to be built. Before you can build a cottage, you will need to research it at the Wood Workshop. You can also upgrade a tent to a Cottage by spending half of these resources.

Stone House

Stone Houses are the biggest of all houses and the most expensive to build. Before building them, you need to research them at the Stone Workshop. Each Stone House has 500 HP and 125 Defenses Life. 16 Colonists will be added to your colony with each Stone House and you will get 40 gold income from every Stone House that you build.

You will get 8 Workers from one Stone House. Your upkeep costs for one Stone House are 16 Food and 10 Power. To construct a Stone House, you will initially require 16 Food, 10 Energy, 5 Wood, 10 Stone, and 300 Gold. You can also upgrade a Cottage to a Stone House for half this price.

You can house your colonists and workers in these three building types. The goal is to build them away from the defenses and boundaries of your colony. Create them at the center of your colonies to make sure they are safe from infected attacks as they are vital for sustaining colonists and workers.

In addition, if they are built closely, you can later build structures such as banks and markets close to them and control the flow of money and food easily. Markets and banks have a specified set of cells around them, which they can influence. Building closely to these structures will help you in the economy and food management.

This concludes our They are Billions Housing Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!