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They are Billions Defenses and Trainings Guide – Colony Defenses, All Trainings

In this They are Billions Defenses and Trainings Guide, we will guide you on different ways by which you defend your colonies against the infected and also what sort of Trainings your units can learn in order to increase their combat effectiveness.

They are Billions is a survival and strategic game at the same time and it requires you to build, expand and survive in a hostile infected environment where the world is filled with infected.

As you build your colonies and expand them, you will continuously come under attack by huge hordes of the infected. In such situations, it is vital that you have good defenses all around your colony so that you can easily defend your colony.

Otherwise, your colony will be overrun and everything will be lost. Along with defenses, you can also use some traps to eliminate the infected horde. Your armies can also have increased combat effectiveness if you spend some time and gold on their Trainings to make them better.

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They are Billions Defenses and Trainings

It is vital that you are well aware of all these defense structures, traps, and army trainings so that you can easily defend your colony.

We have curated this They are Billions Defenses and Trainings Guide for you so you can find all the information relating to these Defense Structures and trainings in a single place and use this knowledge to survive easily in They are Billions.

They are Billions Defenses and Trainings Guide details everything that you need to know about colony defenses and unit trainings.

They are Billions Colony Defenses

This section of the guide lists all the structures that are essential for the base defense. You will be building these structures to eliminate any attacking infected without the need to send units to every corner of your colony.

It is vital that after constructing these defenses except traps, you build walls around them to further increase their protection. Each of the attack turrets also gives you an option to either target the nearest target first or the one with the highest level. This gives you an option to engage the infected in a more strategic way.

They are Billions Great Ballista

Great Ballista fires bolts at the infected at a decent rate and it is your mainstream defense turret against them. It is the cheapest among all defense turrets so you will be constructing these a lot around your colony.

They can also take out multiple enemies at the same time if they are coming in the same line. It can take down 2-3 enemies at the same time if they are close enough to a single bolt.

A Great Ballista will cost you 2 workers, 2 energy, 20 wood and 500 gold to contruct. It has 1000 Health Points and 500 Defenses Life. Once built it will cost you 15 Gold upkeep cost, 2 workers, and 2 power. It can attack up to 12 cells.

They are Billions Shocking Tower

Shocking Tower attacks enemies by building up a powerful electric surge and kills nearly every enemy in the blast range. As the name suggests, it depends heavily on Power so a single Shocking Tower will require 30 Power to operate.

Once it has fired a pulse, it will take a little time to build it up back again so it might become vulnerable to attacks during this phase.

A Shocking Tower has 1000 Health Points and 500 Defenses Life. It can attack and see up to 8 cells and will require 20 gold for regular upkeep. Along with this, 4 workers will be assigned to a single Shocking Tower. For constructing a Shocking Tower, you will require 4 workers, 30 energy, 30 wood, 30 stone and 600 gold.

They are Billions Executor

The executor is the upgraded form of the Great Ballista. Either you can upgrade a normal Great Ballista Turret to an Executor or you can construct one directly.

The executor is a very devastating turret and it can easily take out large groups of infected quickly. They are an excellent source of colony defense and you should consider building at least one on each side of your colony.

An Executor features 2000 Health Points and 1000 Defenses Life. It can watch and attack up to 12 cells. It will cost you 45 gold regularly to maintain it, 4 workers and 10 power.

To construct one, you will be needing 4 workers, 10 energy, 20 stone, 20 iron and 1200 gold. If you want to upgrade from a Great Ballista, all these prices are reduced to half.

They are Billions Traps

There are two different types of traps that you can build in They are Billions. They can be used to damage and slow down the infected at the same time. They are Stake Traps and Wire Fence Traps. Stake Traps need to be researched at the Wood Workshop and Wire Fence Traps need to be researched at the Foundry.

They are a cheap defense tactic and can be placed around the turrets for maximum damage dealing. Stakes Trap will cost you 3 wood and 30 gold while Wire Fence Trap will cost you 3 iron and 100 gold. However, as enemies move through these traps, they are damaged so you will have to eventually replace the broken ones with new traps.

They are Billions Gates

Gates are used to blocking enemies while allowing friendly units to enter or leave your colony. You cannot simply block all the entrances to your colony using walls so you will have to use gates to allow your units to enter or leave your colony.

There are two different types of gates that you can build in They are Billions. One is the Wood Gate while the other one is the Stone Gate.

A Stone Gate will cost you 200 gold, 3 wood, and 6 stone while a Wood Gate will set you back 10 wood and 50 gold. Stone Gate has an HP of 1500 while a Wood Gate has only 600 HP. You can also upgrade a Wood Gate to a Stone one by investing half of the required resources needed to construct a new one.

They are Billions Towers

There are two types of towers that you can construct in They are Billions. One of them is the Wood Tower and the other one is the Stone Tower. Towers are used to store units inside them and they can also attack from inside. Tower increase their vision range as well as their attack range along with providing them protection from attacks.

A Wood Tower costs 10 wood and 120 gold. It has 300 health points. It offers 4 unit capacity and 2 bonus range to all units inside the tower. A Stone Tower will cost you 10 wood, 10 stone, and 450 gold.

It has a total HP of 2000. It can contain 4 units and increase their range by 3. You can upgrade a Wood Tower to a Stone Tower by spending 10 stone and 330 gold.

They are Billions Walls

You can construct two types of walls to enclose your colony in. These walls are a great source of closing down entry points to your colony and they also buy you enough time to plan a strategy to take down the attacking infected. They can also be used to limit the boundaries of your colony.

The Wooden Wall has 400 health points while a Stone Wall has 1000 health points. You can place a section of Wood Wall for just 3 wood and 10 gold while a Stone Wall will require 3 stone and 30 gold.

They are Billions Recon Towers

There are two Recon Towers in the game that will allow you to look far away from your colony so you can easily take note of all the infected movement around it. The first one is a Lookout Tower. Lookout Tower is a very basic tower with 300 HP and 75 Defenses Life.

It will allow you to watch 24 cells in each direction around it. It requires 1 worker to run it. To build one, you need to spare 1 worker, 10 wood, and 300 gold.

The second tower used for recon is the Radar Tower. It is an upgraded form of the Lookout Tower. It costs 2 workers, 10 energy, 10 wood, 10 stone, 10 iron and 800 gold. You can also upgrade a Lookout Tower to a Radar Tower by spending half if its build cost.

A Radar Tower will allow you to look for 40 cells in each direction. It features 500 HP and 125 Defenses Life. It will need 10 energy, 2 workers and a steady expense of 30 gold for upkeep.

They are Billions Trainings

This part of the guide will focus on training different units so that you can build massive armies to fight the infected.

Soldier Center

Soldier Centers have 800 HP and 400 defenses life. Each will cost you 14 gold for upkeep, 8 workers, and 6 power. It is used to train soldiers, rangers, and snipers.

It will cost you 8 workers, 6 energy, 20 wood, 20 stone and 450 gold to construct. The Soldier Center is available right from the start so you do not need to any kind of research before building these units.

Engineering Bay

Engineering Bays cost you 20 workers, 50 energy, 40 stone, 40 iron and 2000 gold to construct. It is an advanced structure and it will allow you to train Lucifers and Titans. Before you can build an Engineering Bay, you must research it at a Foundry.

An Engineering Bay features 1000 HP and 500 Defenses Life before it is infected. It requires 20 workers, 50 power and 100 gold for upkeep to maintaining an Engineering Bay is not cheap.

This concludes our They are Billions Defenses and Trainings Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!