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PUBG Finally Leaves Steam Early Access Today

It has been nearly nine months since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) entered Steam Early Access to satisfy an insatiable hunger for the battle royale experience. That eventful journey takes a new path today when the game sheds its skin to receive a full and official launch on PC.

According to the developer, the much-awaited 1.0 update for the platform will arrive later today after a five-hour maintenance period. The test servers will be taken offline during this time and the accompanying patch notes will be released soon after.

The developer has also promised to share details about its plans for the future, but these will have to wait until PUBG has smoothly transitioned without any unexpected hitches.

What to expect?
The price from the Steam Early Access period will remain the same and not be increased. New features and content that were on the test servers for the past month, such as the vaulting-and-climbing mechanics, will be accessible by everyone. The fuming issues related to performance and optimizations will also be addressed.

Due to the nature of the release, the leaderboards of PUBG will be reset for the newly updated version. Those that were highly ranked will obviously be a bit disappointed, but they can also start making their way back up the ladder once the maintenance ends.

The last confirmed report pegged PUBG to have sold more than 22 million copies by mid-November. With a trending average of selling 5 million copies every month, it can be safely said that PUBG managed to sell just under 30 million copies while being part of Steam Early Access.