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Xbox Fan’s Charity Nets Blankets For The Needy, And An Xbox One For Him

A young boy named Mikah Frye just made a lot of people’s Christmases (including his own) better with a charity donation. Originally, nine-year-old Mikah was going to get an Xbox One for Christmas, but instead decided that his parents should use the money to buy blankets for the homeless instead

Apparently the idea came to Mikah when he and his grandmother saw a group of homeless people shivering in the winter cold. When he had the idea to buy blankets for them, his grandmother told him he had to give up something in return. Apparently an Xbox One was a good enough trade.

When Mikah was six, he and his parents had no house and had to get by on the kindness of strangers, living in a shelter for several weeks after losing their house due to financial issues. Now that their situation is much better he believes that it’s time to pay it forward. Considering that an Xbox One costs around 300 dollars, that’s a lot of blankets (60 to be exact) that can be bought for people who might need somewhere warm to sleep in the winter.

The people that the blankets will help aren’t the only ones who benefited from the situation, however. Microsoft heard about Mikah’s act of charity and, deciding that he should experience the same sort of generosity, invited him to an Xbox store in Cleveland, Ohio and gave him two bags of free stuff, among which was an Xbox One, making the situation the best kind, the kind where everyone wins.

Mikah’s act of charity will hopefully be reaching 60 other people this holiday season, and hopefully will inspire other people to do in the same in the future.

So, if you celebrate Christmas this year, remember that not everyone can be as fortunate as other people in the world.