Dataminers Find Unused Boss Named “Great One Beast” In Bloodborne, Here’s How To Defeat It

Even many years after its release, Bloodborne is still getting the attention it deserves. Over the past months, data miners have managed to find the models of a few unused bosses in the game files, some of which are so beautiful they deserve a place in the game. YouTuber Sanadsk ha managed to fight one of these bosses and the outcome is as beautiful as any boss fight we’ve seen in all Soulsborne games.

XeNTaX forum user Daemon1 has previously created a set of tools that allow the exploration of the game’s files and YouTube user Sanadsk has put them to good use, unearthing models that are indeed present in the files but we haven’t seen them until now. There’s been a Dark Souls-like knight as well as a demon horse, a slug woman boss and of course the Great One Beast.

The Great One Beast is an unused boss in Bloodborne that Sanadsk not only found but managed to fight against too with the help of the game’s files and some “play around with them”. Take a look at the fight:

As you can see the Great One Beast can be found in an also unused area and it bears a lot of similarities with the Blood-Starved Beast, that is actually present in the game. One could even say that they are the same beast, before and after its corruption and downfall. They bear the same dog-like movements and even have the same cries.

Great One Beast though has red glowing eyes and the trademark flowing “tentacles” that many enemies in Bloodborne have. It also has this amazing stand-up pose that lasts for a couple of minutes, showing its model in all its glory.

Sanadsk has a collection of more bosses, enemies, and NPCs he found in the game files, as well as a video of how Vicar Amelia’s face looks like when she was human so be sure to check those out.