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AIDA64 Tool Knows How To Decode AMD Codenames

AIDA64 tool has been able to provide information regarding unreleased hardware like upcoming i9 CPUs that will be coming to laptops. It seems that AIDA64 tool is able to detect the upcoming AMD Ryzen CPUs as well. With the new beta of the tool out the upcoming CPUs are even more identifiable than before.

AMD Ryzen CPUs feature code numbers rather than code names and these codes are related to properties of the CPU including clock speeds and TDP. The number can also mention the location and the development status of the AMD Ryzen CPU. This can help in figuring out whether this is a desktop CPU or AMD Ryzen mobile processor instead.

It is possible that the same name scheme will be used again. For now what we know for sure is that we will not get another generation of Zen but the process will change from the 14nm process to the 12nm process which should increase performance while keeping the TDP constant and reducing heat dissipation. You can check out the naming scheme below:

AIDA64 Tool

AMD CEO Lisa Su has already announced that 12nm based products will be coming out soon. You can check out what James Prior had to say about the upcoming AMD Ryzen and Vega products coming out in 2018.

AMD has been able to disrupt the CPU market and has bagged multiple awards in the process. It will be interesting to see what the company will have to offer in the upcoming year as compared to upcoming Intel products that are due in the following year. We have heard that upcoming Intel CPUs will feature 8 cores and 16 threads just like AMD Ryzen 7.

Let us know what you think about this AIDA64 tool and whether or not it has helped you figure out some leak or not.