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Destiny 2 Three of Coins Guide – How to Buy, Exotics Farming, Everything You Need to Know

In this Destiny 2 Three of Coins Guide, we will guide you on how to use Three of Coins in Destiny 2. It is one of the features that have made its way to Destiny 2 from Destiny 1. If you are a returning Destiny player then you will have a general idea already about Destiny 2.

It is one of the late game items that cost you a lot of amounts and is not really helpful if you are not into collecting exotic weapons and armor at the end once you have completed the main campaign.

There are many Exotic, Legendary and even Masterwork weapons in Destiny 2, which, most of the people will collect. They come in sets as well as a single weapon or an armor item.

Collecting them all is no easy task and you have to grind the game to collect them all. As you advance the level ladder, exotic and legendary weapons will start to drop. You can collect these weapons to complete your weapon collections.

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Destiny 2 Three of Coins Farming

Three of Coins is a necessary item, which is very helpful if you love to collect all weapons and armor. It is a must-have item for all collector. We will detail below how you can acquire this item and how it can benefit you in collecting weapons and armor. We have also detailed how you can acquire it and from where.

Destiny 2 Three of Coins Guide details everything that you need to know about Three of Coins in Destiny 2

Three of Coins – How to Use

Three of Coins is a special item that you can purchase from Xur. This item once used, cannot be used again in the same week. It can only be used once in a week. Exotic and Legendary weapons can be bought as well.

Sometimes they are dropped by defeating enemies and Xur weekly stocks some of such weapons. Three of Coins really helps you late game when you have a long gaming session planned and you plan on going on a weapon hunt.

Consume a Three of Coins and it will boost the chances of getting an Exotic Engram for four hours. Remember that is only boosts the chances of obtaining a Three of Coins, not guaranteeing a drop. Before starting a weapon hunt, consume the item and do all the activities that you normally do for finding Exotic Weapons.

This time you will acquire increased Exotics from the drops but you need to make sure that you keep playing for four straight hours. It will expire after four hours and hence you will be unable to use it again until the weekends.

Three of Coins is very helpful when you are looking forward to increasing your Power Level and we recommend that you use Three of Coins every time you go on a weapon hunt.

It will greatly increase your Exotic Engram drop rate and you can complete your collection easily. It costs you a hefty amount, 31 shards, so make sure that you fully utilize the four hours that it offers.

This concludes our Destiny 2 Three of Coins Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!