Another Monster Hunter World Beta Will Be Coming To PS4 Later This Month

Another Monster Hunter World beta will be coming to the Playstation 4 later this month, specifically on December 22 and ending on December 26. The difference between this beta, and the one that ended at the start of this week, is that this upcoming beta doesn’t require Playstation Plus in order to play.

The previous Monster Hunter World beta gave players three different hunts of varying difficulties to choose from, along with a wide variety of weapons and armor to look at. This upcoming beta will have the same content, the only difference being whether or not you have the Playstation Plus subscription.

This means, if you missed the beta the first time either due to a lack of time to play it or not having a Playstation Plus subscription, you can have another go-around on December 22, next weekend. On the other hand, if you want to try out a few more of the different weapons that the beta made available, you can take advantage of this new beta to try out a different build.

With all of the different options you have, ranging from big, heavy weapons like axes and hammers, to light weapons like dual blades or the sword and shield combo, or distance weapons like the Gunlance or other ranged weapons, not to mention all of the traps and explosive barrels and different types of ammunition you can use, You’ll still have plenty of time to test what sort of build you think is right for your Hunter.

If you want to play the next Monster Hunter World Beta again, and still have the first one in your library, just go ahead and re-download it. It’ll work the same way. Remember that Monster Hunter World will be coming out on January 26 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One, so if you decide you want it, the beta will give you plenty of chances.