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The Lord Of The Rings LCG Is Coming to Steam, Will Be Different Than Its Tabletop Version

You may have noticed that, since last year, there’s a huge wave of new card games released for the PC. Creating card games, for the most part, is a hefty task but can be extremely profitable due to the microtransactions they include. Fantasy Flight Interactive is bringing its own card game into play, The Lord Of The Rings LCG which will be a conversion of the famous Lord of the Rings tabletop, but with some twists.

Destructoid got a hands-on The Lord Of The Rings LCG demo, bringing the news about its gameplay and how it holds up against its tabletop edition. While there are a lot of similarities between the two, adjustments have been made so that its digital version is more appealing to the player. The developer company was all in for that cause.

According to studio head of Fantasy Flight Interactive Tim Gerritsen:

“We’re inspired by the tabletop edition of The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game, with many nods, but we’re not a one-to-one translation of it.”

Like any digital card game, The Lord Of The Rings LCG features the same mechanics like quests, solo adventures, and hardcore PvP mode as well as a real money store where you can buy cards and a collection of prebuilt decks. What’s different about this title though is that it is based on a co-op format that we’ve already seen in its tabletop version.

The studio confirmed that there will be no meta, around which the game will revolve so it’s basically suitable for any casual player that wants to have fun playing with friends and collect cards. For what is worth the game will be available on Steam early next year, so we’ll definitely try it out.

Will The Lord Of The Rings LCG shake the waters? Will it manage to, at least, fistfight with Blizzard’s Hearthstone who is currently monopolizing the digital card game industry? If Gwent, which was a huge concept back in the day didn’t manage to do so then we doubt any other would do. But one can always hope, right?