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Sea Of Thieves Progression System Detailed, Will Affect It’s Multiplayer

We’ve heard a lot about Sea of Thieves over the last few months, especially after its short beta phase on PC. What was bugging us though is how does its progression system work. Will you have to grind quests and tasks? Will it move over to its multiplayer mode? Rare has answered this questions so that the air is clear before its release.

According to the developers, progressing and building your reputation in Sea of Thieves will be done by completing tasks that different trading companies give you. These tasks are called Voyages in the game and are basically find-kill-gather quests, as found in any MMO title. There are 3 trading companies, each with a unique playstyle that rewards you with items and titles as well as an increased rank within their territory. Those trading companies are the:

  • Gold Hoarders, who offer treasure hunts as Voyages (quests)
  • Merchant Alliance, who will give you gathering Voyages (quests) such as ship resources and animal hunting
  • Order of the Souls, who task you with combat-focused challenges to retrieve magical skulls all over the map

As you achieve new ranks with each company your Voyages will become more complex but reward you with more loot and more experience, coming to a level that they become a real challenge. What’s interesting about Voyages is that they are physical objects which can be viewed by other players. Why is that though?

As Rare informed us, Voyages will be presented to your crew in multiplayer, where you and the others can choose which one is the most profitable to take on. The studio wants Sea of Thieves to be completely based on playing with others and how you use that power of numbers will turn the tide every time. Good thing is that the game will be perfectly optimized so that low-end PC’s will be able to run it at its best.

For a further look on Voyages and their use in Sea of Thieves, you can check the video below: