H1Z1 And Homefront: The Revolution Are Free To Play On Steam This Weekend

Have you been searching for a new game to try out? Steam has set you up for a free weekend or multiplayer survival colossus H1Z1 and FPS must-play Homefront: The Revolution. Both titles are already available until and will run until Sunday at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 10 PM BST.

H1Z1 is one of the flagship survival games out there and has attracted many enthusiasts of the genre out there. Although it was first announced as a survival title like DayZ, it acquired a second title under its wing named H1Z1: King of the Kill. King of the Kill is what we all know today as a battle royale title, which was later taken as a concept to create PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds.

Where their main difference lies is at their main killing aspect, where King of the Kill has a more complex aiming system but relies on killing, where PUBG’s aim is more casual-friendly and the game relies more on surviving even without engaging fights.

Homefront: The Revolution, on the other hand, is a classic story-driven FPS title, a sequel to the famous Homefront. Its plot revolves around a revolutionary team working against the Korean forces which have taken over America after an economic breakdown that resulted in war.

Even though the game offers a variety of complex mechanics and an intriguing story, it lacked the optimization it should have on PC, with big FPS drops and bad rendering right from the start. A lot of time has passed since then though so the developers have things are fixed now.

Be sure to check them both this weekend on Steam and get some shooting action, which is their selling point in both cases. If you like either title, you can buy a copy for 75% off right now. Homefront is $7.50 (originally $30) and H1Z1 is $5 (originally $20).