Wayward Sisters Won’t End Up Like Supernatural Bloodlines

This January Supernatural returns with a new spin-off series called “Wayward Sisters”. The show is scheduled for January 18, where Kim Rhodes will be seen playing the role of Jodi Mills, she played the sheriff when we first met her back in season 5 of Supernatural.

This is not the first time when Supernatural pulled of a spinoff, “Chicago-based Supernatural Bloodlines” was planned but it was not a success story. Andrew Dabb was the creator who served as an executive producer on Supernatural.

According to Dabb, several factors contributed to the potential show’s quick demise, and those lessons are being applied to CW’s Wayward Sisters. Another reason for Supernatural Bloodlines failing is fans not being able to connect with the new series; it was too different from Supernatural.

We will see Supernatural sisters (Jodi and Donna) and other renowned faces will be joining the Wayward crew includes Claire (Kathryn Love Newton). Newcomer Kaia (Yadira Guevara-Prip), the dreamwalker Jack (Alexander Calvert) are among other stars.

Dabb says Wayward “feels more like an outgrowth of Supernatural” which, in turn, makes it a more viable series. “It’s got not just an episode of history behind it, it got almost 10 years of history behind it.”

Supernatural returns with the pilot for Wayward Sisters on January 18. Will the fans latch-up with this new series or not we will find out. Dabb said a lot of good things about the show, hopefully, Wayward Sister will indeed feel like an outgrowth of Supernatural.