Walt Disney Buys 21st Century Fox for $52.4bn, Here Is What You Can Expect To See In The Future

The Walt Disney Company has said that is has reached a deal worth $52.4 Billion with 21st Century Fox. Walt Disney will buy all stocks while the news business will remain as it is and if not part of the deal. Disney now has the power to take on Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook when it comes to video streaming content.

Ther are a couple of things that could be possible now that Walt Disney has made this deal and owns characters that Fox previously owned. The following is what is possible for the future and things that we would like to see in the coming future of the MCU as well as Disney.

Fox Franchises Walt Disney Will Keep Making

Following are the movies that Walt Disney will keep on making after this deal with Fox.

Better X-Men Movies: Wolverine, Dark Pheonix

Now that X-men have come back to Walt Disney, it is possible that we will see better adaptations of the series. Our beloved Wolverine won’t be coming back though. Hugh Jackman said that if he could do a crossover he would be willing to come back for the role.

Since the deal between Fox and Walt Disney was rumored he was asked whether or not he would be willing to come back but he said no and that it is pretty late now. It is unfortunate that Hugh Jackman will not be playing Wolverine in the upcoming movies and it is hard to think of any other actor playing the role.Let’s see what Walt Disney comes up with next.

While X-men movies from Fox were fine there were plenty of plot holes that fans have noted and Walt Disney has a better blueprint of what to do with the franchise. We could finally see Dark Pheonix coming out. Now that Walt Disney owns the rights to X-men it is highly likely that New Mutants will be scrapped and will not be making it to the big screen.

We are looking forward to a Wolverine and Avengers crossover and we are also interested in seeing Deadpool in Avengers as well.

Deadpool Is Here To Stay If The Fans Have Their Way

Deadpool has seen a lot of fan following and the movie was epic. While Walt Disney would not make a movie like Deadpool keep in mind that the fans fought for the movie and it is highly unlikely that Disney will scrap the next Deadpool movie. If the company decides to scrap it there will be millions of pissed people and there will be a huge uproar.

Upcoming Avatar movies

Upcoming Avatar movies are here to stay. James Cameron said that he had good relations with the studio but it is a big investment so we are not sure whether or not Walt Disney would like to go forward with this franchise.

The Fantastic 4 Reboot That We Wanted

Fantastic 4 was never a movie that Fox was proud of but now that Disney owns the rights we could get a better Fantastic 4 movie with better storylines and better cast members. While the first movie adaptation was alright, the reboot was flawed and did not do too well. Now, we could get something much much better.

Future Of Futurama

Futurama is the main reason why Disney wanted to buy the rights in the first place. It will be interesting to see what Disney has planned for Futurama.

Galactus After Thanos

The Infitiy War trailer came out recently and we are very excited about the upcoming movie. Having that said we are interested in seeing Galactus as the villain after Thanos and with Disney owning the rights we might get a movie around Galactus after all.

Planet Of The Apes Franchise Reboot

Planet of the Apes franchise reboot is possible looking at how big of a franchise it is and how people are interested in watching these movies.

Fox Franchises Walt Disney Will Discontinue

Following are the movies that Walt Disney will scrap after this deal with Fox.

Gambit Movie Starring Channing Tatum

Gambit movie starring Channing Tatum has been in development hell for some time now but now you can be sure that the movie is going to be scrapped. Disney could look into getting a new cast or could stick to Tatum as the lead but there will be a new movie looking into the future.

Alien Vs Predator

The Alien series is going to be scrapped, alien 5 sequel to alien 2 was announced but now it will be canceled for sure. Predator reboot hangs in the balance as well.

Die Hard Will Die Hard

Die Hard series will most likely be scrapped as Disney will not make such a violent movie. But you never know. If the company is kept separate and the studio is kept as a sister company then things could be different.

Let us know what you think about this deal between Walt Disney and 21st Century Fox and what you will like to see in the upcoming movies.