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Rainbow Six Siege Finally Receives 60hz Servers for Better Hit Registration

It was a few months back when Ubisoft confirmed that it could have deployed 60hz servers for Rainbow Six Siege, had it not been for high latency degradation. The developer continued to find a solution in the months to follow and the internal testing has finally yielded fruit.

Posting on Reddit earlier today, community manager Matt Shotcha announced that the long-awaited request of playing on 60hz servers will finally be fulfilled this week. The roll-out will happen with Update 4.1 either tomorrow or the day after.

“Following our testing of the 60hz servers towards the end of the White Noise TTS, we were able to confirm that it is now stable enough to deploy live on all platforms,” Ubisoft announced. “We are excited to fulfill this promise made during Operation Health, and look forward to your feedback.”

Rainbow Six Siege is currently being hosted on 50hz servers, which is actually an improvement from two years back. The jump to 60hz servers, however, will result in significant improvements in various ways. For one, the hit registration will be improved. Players will also find their movements much smoother than before.

2018 looks to be a very special year for the community. Those interested to keep supporting the game can purchase the Year 3 Pass to gain early access to all upcoming content, which includes eight operators from six different countries and a bunch of exclusive goodies.